Most mayday programs focus solely on finding and removing downed firefighters, not treating them. This class will focus on both advanced and basic life support care of the firefighter from the second they are found. From smoke inhalation to burns, trauma to medical emergencies, many types of the mayday patient will be examined. Students will use NFPA standards, case studies, and hands-on scenarios to develop a better understanding of the medical care needed for a downed firefighter. This isn't your normal RIT class! Students will be exposed to both physical and mental stressors while being tasked with finding, removing, and treating injured firefighters. 


Topics covered include gear limitations, initial assessment, packaging the mayday, victim removal, airway management, trauma “care under fire”, FF-CPR, managing and controlling stress, and many other topics. From the start of a mayday until arrival at a hospital or transfer of patient care, every aspect of treating a firefighter mayday is examined.